Coming soon!

We are glad with your interest in purchase one of our products! We are currently working to make this possible on our website. You can purchase one of our products now in person.Or online.

Below is a summary of what very soon you can purchase on our site using your PayPal account!

  • HARNESS BAR $335.00
    • Manufactured in-house using rectangular solid aluminium bar & steel mounting brackets; attaches to original rear seatbelt top mounts. Fits 911 models to Carrera 3.2. Mounting bracket design differs depending on 911 model.
    Best for: Fits 911 models to Carrera 3.2
  • BRAKE SCOOPS $385.00
    • Our brake scoop kits comprise spun aluminium backing plates, fabricated aluminium scoops & dual layer wire reinforced tube.
      Fits 911 models to Carrera 3.2. Choice of finishes available.
    Best for: Fits 911 models to Carrera 3.2
  • SPYDER VENOM $30.00/300 ml.
    • Raises Octane Level by 10 points average
    • Can be safely used in all petrol
    • Contains premium upper cylinder lubricants
    • Neutralises acid in high sulphur fuels
    • No messy measuring
    • Cleans fuel and return lines and reduces corrosion
    Best for: Fuel tank

So, why choose us? Because we have all-inclusive prices and unbeatable value.
We have more than 50 years of specialized service experience in Porsches and also working with other brands. No other company in Australia is as prepared as the Spyder Automobiles to suit your needs, and we offer unique products for your car!