Terms & Conditions

Before any repair to your vehicle is undertaken, it is a requirement that a Spyder Automobiles Motor Vehicle Repair Agreement be completed. A copy of this agreement can be viewed here.

There are some instances for which we cannot warrant our work. These include vehicles used for racing purposes (including any activity on any venue deemed to be a circuit or rally special stage). Custom modifications, damages arising from negligence or abuse are some examples of items we do not cover.

We reserve the right to charge a premium on our base labour rate if you supply all or substantially all of your own parts or commission sub-contract repairs from another provider for any repair we undertake to your vehicle. Our warranty is these instances is limited only to labour content and shall be at our discretion after assessment of the problem.

All and any warranty repairs can only be conducted after review by Spyder Automobiles Pty Ltd and can only be conducted by us or our expressly appointed agents.

Warranties on new parts, secondhand parts, sub-contract repairs etc are as directed by the suppliers or providers of service. Spyder Automobiles Pty Ltd may offer a labour only warranty for these items after review.

Any parts supplied that are deemed for racing purposes only are purchased by the customer at their own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that these parts do not contravene any Local, State or Federal Laws when fitted for use.

All vehicles presented to us for any repair that requires road testing must be legally road-registered for use in Australia or be delivered to us after procuring a suitable unregistered vehicle permit from VicRoads. Proof of registration or permit must be provided upon request. We cannot pick up, deliver or road test an unregistered vehicle. We strongly recommend that you comprehensively insure your vehicle against all risks while it is in our shop or being transported.

All work is conducted on a strictly C.O.D basis. Major work requires a 50% deposit to enable us to procure parts and commission any sub-contract repairs. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, electronic funds transfer, MasterCard or Visa (credit card payments incur a 1.5% surcharge). Cheques may be accepted by prior arrangement only. Overseas customers are welcome to remit funds via PayPal (PayPal payments incur a 3% surcharge).