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Spyder Racing

The aim of Spyder Racing is to be able to enjoy time with Billy, and Tom when he has the opportunity! We have been lucky enough though to have a client, Andrew Lockwood to join us in our Go Kart endeavours. Billy has the key role in Spyder Racing as it is up to him to do the majority of the preparation on all 3 Karts with his kart taking preference.

Billy is the youngest of Lisa and my children and Tom the eldest. Both are very capable in a Kart, unfortunately Tom does not have a lot of time available, so he will not be competing very often with us! With Spyder Racing the intention is to give both boys the experience of Motor Sport and carry on the legacy of Spyder Automobiles strong History in Motor Sport.

John Gregory had been in Motor sport since the 1950’s with Boats and cars, during the 1960’s he built Hillclimb cars and modified road cars for competition. With some very good successes! John drove race boats and competed in cars, and continued preparing cars through the years until 2002, then of course there was my competitive years in racing. My Uncle has also raced in Vintage and Historic Racing for as long as I can remember so the tradition has been present in both Gregory and Jacobson families. While neither have been active at the highest levels there has been strong involvement over many years

The exploits of Spyder Racing can be followed here Spyder Racing Page

This site is run by Billy and the content is compiled and posted by him!

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